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What does Creative Commons mean?

[german version] Many People know that there is something called "creative commons licenses". But what does it mean? Is it a license? No, CreativeCommons is a non-profit organization. And what's about the shortcuts and icons? The basic idea of ​​creative commons licenses is simple and helpfull ... if you understand what it means.

The following infographic show it in a very clear way: artists and creatives can think about whether or not they will use a CC license. And users understand hopefully better what they need to consider if they want to use or share CC-licensed works.

Creative Commons Infographic
Infographic: "Creative Commons - What does it mean?" (by Martin Missfeldt / Feel free to use and share it but please mention the author (CC-BY-SA). Would be nice if you link to this page as the source.

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Icon In short (CC 3.0) means:
CC-BY CC-BY Attribution
CC-BY-ND CC-BY-ND Attribution  No Derivatives
CC-BY-NC CC-BY-NC Attribution Non-Commercial
CC-BY-SA CC-BY-SA Attribution Share Alike
CC-BY-NC-SA CC-BY-NC-SA Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
CC-BY-NC-ND CC-BY-NC-ND Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives

Important!: none of the six licenses is unconditional. Under, or adjacent CC license works so at least the author / originator must always be close pass.

creative commons

If you like take a look on my "Google Glass infographic"

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